Sagittarius: Introduction

Sagittarius the Centaur. If you have a Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon or Rising Sign in Sagittarius, you will probably be reading this in an airport lounge. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius exists to explore, and that makes them not only every airline’s dream customer, but also fills the ranks of our academic institutions and media outlets. Sagittarius lives to learn more, go further and educate we mere mortals in the process.

So, in this section, I’m going to give you the lowdown on the keywords associated with Sagittarius and things you seem to attract into your life if you’re a Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant. If you’re in love with a Sagittarius you’ll need to get up to speed about what makes them happy. Sagittarius qualities can also be seen in those who have a Ninth House emphasis or those who have Jupiter in the First House of their Natal Chart.

Sagittarius: Key Qualities


Fire Signs are creative, enthusiastic and outgoing – and Sagittarius is no exception. Sagittarius are probably the most enthusiastic of the fire signs as absolutely no problem seems intractable, no boundary too far or no idea too unworkable for them not to resolve any matter by positivity alone. They are the optimists of the Zodiac and are happy to charge ahead with any of their grand plans – leaving others to work out the detail. They can easily feel constrained and need space – mental or physical – to burn brightly.


Mutable signs are found at the end of each season and Sagittarius marks the end of Autumn and the transition into winter. It is as if Sagittarius knows instinctively that without their flames we may perish in the cold that lies ahead. So, Sagittarius provides us with a vision of a better, warmer world that can be ours if we are prepared to have faith to get us through the lean times. If you meet a visionary who has the intellectual arguments to underpin their vision, that person is a Sagittarius. Or an eternal optimist – they are often the same.


Masculine signs are active and Sagittarius is so on a grand scale. Often sporty or keen on outdoor pursuits, Sagittarius often embodies a masculine ideal – and female Sagittarians are often quite ‘masculine’ in nature in that they often don’t conform to society’s traditional notions of femininity. Intellectually confident and outgoing, Sagittarian folks are not just thinkers but doers – they push society’s boundaries in more ways than you can imagine and take us with them in their quest to learn ever more.

Sagittarius: Ruler

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, King of the gods. Expansive, magnanimous and prone to throwing thunderbolts when crossed, Jupiter’s myth pretty much sums up the Sagittarian disposition. Jupiter makes us to aim high and Sagittarians are found in abundance in those fields of human endeavour that push the human experience on towards greater achievement, learning and understanding. However, those born under this sign also swell the ranks of self indulgent, entitled and greedy – Jupiter may have been the King of the Gods, but his flaws were entirely human.

Sagittarius: Keywords


Adventurous, Athletic, Bold, Broad minded, Buoyant, Enthusiastic, Expansive, Freedom loving, Generous, Good humoured, Honest, Idealistic, Inspirational, Intellectual, Intelligent, Jovial, Magnanimous, Optimistic, Philosophical, Talkative, Tolerant, Spontaneous, Straightforward, Versatile.


Argumentative, Arrogant, Blunt, Careless, Changeable, Dictator, Dissatisfied, Exaggerates, Extravagant, Gambling, Gluttonous, Gullible, Hot headed, Indulgent, Lawless, Outspoken, Pretentious, Procrastination, Reckless, Restless, Tactless, Unreliable.

Sagittarius Sun

The Sun represents your core self, and with the Sun in Sagittarius, you truly identify with Sagittarian characteristics. Even if, for example, your Rising Sign gives you a much more mild demeanour, at heart you will be an expansive outgoing archer directing your arrows at any target that catches your eye. Ever the explorer, you simply cannot bear to be in the same place for more than a moment and so you seek to expand your breadth of experience – and sphere of influence – as wide as you possibly can. It is said of you, Sagittarius, that you know no bounds – and never were truer words spoken.

If this makes you sound untamed or untameable – then that’s because you, perhaps more than any other sign, follow your instincts and desires without any fear or concern for those less bold than you. You are truly the child of Jove – but your quest to include ever more experiences into your life is often born of a searching intellect and a personal bravery that sees you go where others fear to tread. Without you, Sagittarius, the world would undoubtedly be a smaller and more fearful place.

Sagittarius Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone – it’s where we retreat to when times are hard, or where we go to to relax, feeling safe from harm. This, of course, is absolute anathema to every Sagittarius Moon whose idea of comfort, safety and relaxation would make most other signs hair stand on end. With this position of the Moon you have a deep need for Sagittarius themed things in your life. At the more calm end of the scale, you will never be without a good book, preferably one that takes your mind to foreign shores or the outer galaxy or indeed any subject that adds to your already formidable store of knowledge. You may even emigrate overseas to satisfy your need for the exotic at first hand.

However, you prefer to spend your down time outside – and as physically active as possible. Your day is rarely complete without sport of some kind – even if it’s only from the armchair – and you’re not averse to betting on the outcome of any particular match. Vacations also need to to be active – you’re a traveller not a holiday maker – and you need to experience the places you visit, preferably on horseback, camelback, elephant back or, if you take to water, canoeing or kayaking often floats your boat. Without such activities you’re easy to trigger or become low spirited, so stay active please for everyone’s sake – especially your own.

Sagittarius Rising

With Sagittarius Rising you came into this world with a backpack and guidebook. No doubt, at a very early age, you packed your teddy bear and favourite toy plane into a bag and declared you were running away from home – only to reappear at the next mealtime following the promise of your favourite food. As a child you were possibly a ferociously quick learner and precociously aware of the world around you. The environment, natural world, foreign languages and cultures probably intrigued you and you immersed yourself in tales of adventure and exploration – and probably still do.

You act look and behave like a Sagittarius – even if your Sun Sign gives you completely different underlying character. All things Sagittarius come easily to you and you are happiest in that intellectual world as this allows you to express the qualities of your Sun Sign in a cerebral and enthusiastic manner. You see the world through a Sagittarius lens and it is this that makes you such an impressive force in the world of knowledge, pushing the boundaries of human experience, understanding and achievement. If you have Jupiter rising in your First House or a Ninth House Emphasis in your Natal Chart, you may also share some Sagittarius characteristics.

Sagittarius In Love

With Sagittarius in love, it’s often difficult to see how they will be in one place long enough or be able to find a space in their heart – not already occupied by a myriad of hobbies, interests and passing fancies – for anything resembling a romantic relationship. However, do not underestimate Sagittarius in love as their enthusiasm for love is as direct and overwhelming as their enthusiasm for everything else. Like other fire signs they love the thrill of the chase and woo ardently using their abundant charm to great effect. They can be one of the lotharios of the Zodiac, however, to say they are untrustworthy in love is a gross generalisation

Sagittarius truly in love is as faithful as anyone. Just in their own way. They will often have a long term partner – but are not averse to dalliances, as they are easily bored. So, to avoid giving offence in the love department Sagittarius, you really need to choose carefully. You need a stimulating, yet self sufficient partner. One who shares your interests is good, one who will give you space is better and one who will be your travelling companion is best of all. It’s a tall order – but maybe the reason some Sagittarians favour long distance relationships or pick partners from other countries is that their need to be true to themselves is paramount even in love.

Sagittarius: Things To Look Out For

Books, Broadcasting, Media, Journalists, Writers, Explorers, Travel Guides, Travelling, Moving to a different country, Foreign partner, Foreign languages, Pilots, Mavericks, Soldiers of fortune, Diplomats, Academics, Universities, Spies, Gamblers, Bookmakers, Risk taking, Horses, Horse riding, Outdoor pursuits, Veterinary Surgeons, Lawyers, Judges, Courts.

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