Pisces: Introduction

Pisces the Fishes. If you have a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon or your Rising Sign is Pisces, then there will definitely be something fishy about you! I mean that in the best possible way of course – imagine silvery shoals of fish shimmering in the sea, darting this way and that way, swimming with the tides? It’s a beautiful image and one that its so in tune with Pisces – the most sparkling yet elusive of signs. You are so hard to hold, like water in your hands. Pisces, you present us with a conundrum as we never know what we’re going to get with you – fantasist, addictive personality or shrewd operator with your finger on the pulse? You can be all of these – if you want to be that is.

In this section, I’m going to give you the heads up on all things Piscean – the keywords associated with Pisces and the things we associate with Pisces will give you a clue what you’re dealing with here. If you have a Pisces Sun, Pisces Moon or Pisces Ascendant (Rising Sign), you may want to know more about yourself and if you’re in love with a Pisces person? You’ll need to know more about them too – as they’re very unlikely to tell you themselves! Pisces qualities can also be seen in those with a prominent Neptune in their natal chart or a strong Twelfth House emphasis.

Pisces: Key Qualities


Water signs are sensitive, intuitive and emotional – and Pisces is, perhaps, the most emotional of them all. Pisces is also, the most elusive and hard to pin down. Living in the world of dreams, Pisceans are happiest in the world of the imagination – as if the real world is too mundane for their refined sensibilities. Their immediate emotional response is to escape, especially from harsh reality – and sometimes from the responsibilities we face in everyday life.


Mutable signs are found at the end of each season as the Earth prepares for change and Pisces signals the shift from winter to spring. Pisces therefore come into this world with the promise of things to come. Pisces is renowned for subtlety and things happening under the surface or behind the scenes. With this sign more than any other, the power of imagination is used to create visions and possibilities of a perfect world – and those dreams and creative possibilities are endless. With Pisces, anything is possible – you simply have to believe to make it so.


Pisces is regarded as one of the most feminine of signs. It’s natural qualities of empathy and sympathetic approach to the world have made Pisces a watchword in a collaborative, non-confrontational approach to life. Pisces ability to transcend boundaries gives them an instinctive understanding of the point of view of others and they often identify with those who are suffering in this world. However, Pisces instinctive bias can also make them shrewd operators. Their ability to ‘read between the lines’, gives them an advantage in many competitive fields. They also have the ‘people skills’ lacking in more abrasive signs – and this is true regardless of gender.

Pisces: Ruler

Pisces is ruled by Neptune the lord of the oceans, and Neptune’s depths represent the place most likely occupied by Pisces. As light is refracted by water, we see things differently when we look into Neptune’s realm – the Pisceans who inhabit that world certainly have a different view of the world to mere earthy mortals. Neptune alters reality and the question therefore arises, ‘what is real and what is illusion?’ Neptune offers an alternative world where things are not the same. They may be more glamorous, tawdry, delusional or inspirational, but what really matters is the surface appearance for below that, things are never as they seem.

Pisces: Keywords


Compassionate, Creative, Emotional, Empathetic, Fluid, Gentle, Giving, Healing, Idealistic, Imaginative, Inspiring, Intuitive, Kind, Mystical, Receptive, Reflective, Psychic, Self-effacing, Sensitive, Sentimental, Soulful, Sympathetic, Tender, Vulnerable, Universal.


Confused, Deceptive, Delusional, Elusive, Escapism, Evasive, Helpless, Hopeless, Immoral, Impressionable, Malleable, Moody, Nebulous, Over-sensitive, Pretence, Shyness, Slippery, Vacillation, Vague, Victim.

Pisces Sun

The Sun represents your inner self and for you Pisces, you really identify with your Pisces traits – even if you have a hard time acknowledging what they are. So Pisces, who exactly are you? The answer is usually whoever you want or imagine yourself to be – and that’s your answer regardless of your Rising Sign. Whatever maintains your self image is important to you – and that can have both positive and negative connotations as it can lead you to be the most positive and creative person – or lead you to the depths of despair as you chase an illusion.

If this makes you seem like a hopeless case then that’s not necessarily so. It’s true that some Pisceans have real issues with boundaries – between themselves and others, between truth and lies and between reality and illusion. However, what really matters to you Pisces is a deep inner truth and more profound reality. At your core you perceive profound spiritual connections between all living beings that most of us cannot even begin to understand. You were never meant to be grounded – your feet are simply not made for it – often literally so as you can be a martyr to them!

Pisces Moon

The Moon represents our comfort zone and with your Moon in Pisces, your comfort zone is filled with wind chimes, bells, paintings, waifs, strays, candles and whatever spiritual ephemera you feel instinctively drawn towards – whether its a colour (your aura) as symbol (a mandala) or a vast music collection that takes you to another place. Quite simply, your comfort zone is where you go to escape the world. You may do yoga at home and make your surroundings a shrine to your spiritual needs. Alternatively you may long to escape from all home and family represents – or decide to live by the sea.

However you express your Pisces Moon, you will, in your life, have a need for all things associated with Pisces. Either directly or through your relationships, you will drawn towards the esoteric and intangible. A lack of certainty doesn’t worry you nearly as much as it would worry other signs and your capacity for acceptance and going with the flow is simply how you habitually respond to the vagaries of life. For an emotional sign you tend not to hold onto your feelings but find it easy to accept and express them – often creatively. However, it’s fair to say that many of you seek emotional escape – and often that’s not so healthy for you at all.

Pisces Rising

With Pisces on the Ascendent you may have entered the world looking like an angel. You were probably a quiet child whose unassuming gentle demeanour masked a keen involvement with the affairs of others and a noted interest in the wellbeing of the toys, children and animals you collected along the way. You could have been treated like a Prince or Princess – however, you were more likely to have imagined yourself as one. Pisces Rising can be remarkably upwardly aspirational or mobile – even if it’s veiled in beauty or vulnerability. At a young age you learned that an air of innocence can unlock many doors for you.

You act, look and behave like a Pisces which means it’s easy for you to hide your underlying character from the world at large – and that is just how you prefer it to be. You are comfortable with Pisces spiritual approach to life, the universe and everything and you express the qualities of your Sun Sign in a Piscean manner. So, your Solar qualities may be masked or softened by this Rising Sign. They will be expressed more gently and you may be a notably kind person who makes space in your life for others – especially those in need. You may be regarded as a guru by some – and a victim by others. However, you will be happiest when meeting your own spiritual needs – and they will take many and varied forms.

Pisces in Love

So Pisces, what about love? Pisces love being in love and are always in love with something or someone. And why not? Love, to Pisces, is universal after all and how is it even possible to distinguish between loving one person and loving everyone? And there Pisces, is the nub of something that your loved one could find a problem with – even if you don’t. With what others could term ‘boundary issues’, you can tend to have a blind spot when it comes to the responsibilities of relationships, and in typical Pisces fashion, this can mean several things. You can find it difficult to commit to one person, you can be emotionally distant or you can be plain old ‘slippery’ – all those possibilities are sadly a reality.

However Pisces, the problem is you are really looking for a soul mate, and when you find one you urge to merge at a spiritual level more than anything else. That sounds fine but it can be fraught with danger for you. You can be easily deceived, such is your longing for the perfect ‘one’. Appearances for you are often not what they seem so you must take extra care to do something that’s not easy for you – take a good hard look at who you’re (literally in some cases) getting into bed with. You can be as vulnerable to charm as you are to beauty so stop, breathe deeply and think before you drink.

Pisces: Things To look Out For

Addiction, Drugs, Medicine, Mental Health, Healing, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Practitioners, Alternative Medicine, Therapy, Therapists, Social Workers, Socialites, Photographers, Film Makers, Actors, Artists, Paint, Painters and Decorators, Designers, Shoes, Feet, Models, Glamour, Lifestyle, Images, Dreams, Magicians, Magic, Religion, Hymns, Music, Musicians, Dancers, Dancing, Alcohol, Alcoholics, Bars, Bar Workers, Boats, Sailors, Water, Liquids, Liquidity, Finance, Financiers, Gamblers, Liars, Victims, Victimisation.

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